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EIVA DAY ITALY, the interview with Stefan Steinmetz , area sales manager

 What does he at Eiva ?

My name is Stefan Steinmetz. I am EIVA area sales manager for East and Central Europe. EIVA is headquartered in Denmark and has offices in Germany and Singapore. I work at the German office, which is in Bremen, at the North coast of Germany.

What is your role within the company ?

I am responsible for sales of our hardware and software solutions for the offshore industry in East and Central Europe. Our product portfolio covers virtually any subsea survey and offshore construction task. Consequently, I work in a number of industries, including offshore wind, oil and gas, construction and oceanography.

 In some areas, such as Germany and Benelux, I handle the contact with the customers directly. In others, we offer our customers a local point of contact through our wide international network of representatives. My responsibilities therefor include supporting those located in East and Central Europe.

After San Diego and Port Hâcourt Eiva Eiva Day arrives in Italy , Catania
How come in our city ?

Dr. Aldo Monaca from Marine ONE (Omnia SRL) contacted EIVA earlier this year suggesting to arrange an event, similar to what we have done in other cities, for the hydrographic and offshore business in Sicily, which we believed to be a very interesting idea. We see great potential in the Italian market and the key element of the EIVA Days is to meet our customers in their local areas, so we decided to go ahead with the event.

When the opportunity of carrying out the event at the Istituto Tecnico Nautico Statale Duca degli Abruzzi in Catania as per Dr. Aldo Monaca’s suggestion, we believed we had found the optimal venue. What better place than in this beautiful city and at a school that trains the future Italian offshore professionals. So we are very happy that the school has agreed to open its doors to us and are very excited about visiting Sicily and Catania when doing the first Italian EIVA Day there.

What do you expect from this great event ?

 At the moment, more than 50 people have signed up for the EIVA Day Italy 2015 and we hope several more will follow. We look very much forward to presenting to them what EIVA can offer in terms of software and hardware solutions as well as services for the offshore business. Presentations will include both customer cases and product presentations, and the agenda also allows for one-on-one sessions with the EIVA team for those participants who wish to discuss their requirements and wishes in detail.

As with the previous EIVA Days carried out throughout the world, EIVA expects to get a chance to talk to the local offshore professionals, engaging in a dialogue on how EIVA products and services can be of benefit to them and their organisations – and on what they expect from us. It is always very interesting to us to get a chance to talk to existing and potential customers. Discussing the challenges they face has always been very important to us as it allows us to ensure that our solutions match their needs and requirements not just in theory but also, and not least, in practice.  

He knows Sicily and Catania specifically?

As mentioned before, it was Dr. Aldo Monaca who introduced Catania as a potential venue to us. However, we quickly understood that the city offers a lot of opportunities, not just because of the school being located there, but also because of other elements – including the fact that it is easy to travel to, not just for us, but also for the customers attending EIVA Day Italy 2015 who do not live in the area, and that it offers many options in terms of accommodation and transportation.


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